Here’s a short intro about me and our bakery!
Two Girls One Dream

It’s always overwhelming to write your own story on paper, but I’m going to try with hopes that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy living it.

My name is Liliya, friends call me Lil’, hubby calls me Liloushig, customers call me anything that ends with “iya,” like Maria or Julia (I yet have to figure out why) and dad gets mad when I’m called anything other than what he named me – Liliya!

I am NOT a French culinary school graduate, and have zero culinary background, but I was born and raised in a family of bakers & designers. Oh, unless having a major sweet tooth for anything pastry and cake related gives me some culinary school credit.

I am the creative director and owner of LB Cake Stop. A graduate of UC Berkeley, with educational background in International Relations & Foreign Affairs. A little over a decade ago, I joined forces with my mother to build what is today known as LB Cake Stop – the only European Bakery & Cake Academy in Baldwin Park, CA. It started with two girls, but ONE BIG Dream – to make delicious memories for all who walked into our doors.

From humble beginnings and with unshattered faith in the blessings of the Lord, pair of talented hands, a head full of ideas, a mind filled with imagination, immense passion for beautiful pastries, and years of unparalleled hard work, LB Cake Stop was finally formed.

LB Cake Stop was established on firm Christian beliefs and with an absolute dedication to excellence and integrity in all areas. Today, we are honored to bring our creations to all of your events, from milestone occasions to small family gatherings. Several decades ago, mama LB started with a Big Dream, but her first cake came out of a 500 square foot kitchen. That didn’t discourage her, rather it taught her to trust in the Lord with all of her heart and keep on dreaming… and she dreamt, while Liliya was in college. A whole lot of patience and a complete trust in the Lord rewarded us with a 5,000 square foot bakery & cake academy. LB Cake Stop is the only full-service retail bakery & cake academy in all of Baldwin Park, where we host internationally known cake artists for amazing cake workshops. Yes, our space has dramatically expanded since the beginnings, but we remained true to the finest ingredients that got us here. We have been creating the tastiest cakes, deserts, breads and pastries for decades already and we’re filled with joy to be part of such amazing community. What makes our cakes better than anyone else’s is the pinch of love we sprinkle into everything we make. We are not in this field of work to become millionaires, we simply love what we do and get the greatest satisfaction seeing your eyes glitter as you come to pick up your cakes!

”We do our best with every sunrise to elevate and fascinate each and every one of you that walks through our doors” says Liliya, while mama LB continuous “Every day at our shop there is something new, so stop by at LB CAKE STOP and have a bite!”

Deliciously Yours,

Liliya Marlie